Lollipop Bistro Part – II


We created Make Believe Family Fun Center with the goal of giving every guest the family adventure of their dreams.

Each attraction is a portal into another world from our Enchanted Forest Laser Tag, the Pirate Ship rigging ropes course where you can “Walk the Plank”, the cityscape of our Spin Zone bumper cars, the Volcano Ballocity and toddler  play areas to our Treasure Chest redemption center.

We’ve made it simple to plan your fun with a list of packages, pricing and customizable add-ons for every size family and every budget.  When your family arrives for a day of play you can choose from an Ultimate Adventure, Super Adventure, Great Adventure or Toddler Time Adventure.

Not finding the type of adventure you’re looking for? Customize your family’s day of play by adding individual attractions to your player cards. Explore the facility with your family by taking on each of your favorite attractions together, or divide and conquer for double the fun. When you’re done playing you can bring your player cards to the redemption center and claim a prize, or just save your points for next time!

For the safety of each guest, we ask that you read all ride restrictions before purchasing your play package.

  • Bumper cars: minimum height requirement of 36” age 5 and older
  • Ballocity: reserved for ages 12 and younger
  • Ropes course: minimum height requirement of 48”
  • Toddler area: reserved for ages 3 and younger

For more information about attractions, safety, height and age requirements, speak with a member of our staff.  They’ll also be happy to make recommendations, and tell you which ones are their favorites!

At Make Believe Family Fun Center we want every day to be your best day, that’s why you get to play your way! We grouped our top attractions together into four fun packages, giving families on any budget the ultimate play experience. Or customize your experience to how your family likes to play, choose a base package then simply add individual attractions to your player card, like a chance to tackle the ropes course or a trip to the toddler area for kids under 5 years old. Really want to mix it up? Choose any of our attractions from our a la carte menu.

Attractions included in our packages are unlimited use for up to three hours, while a la carte items are limited to one time admission. So choose your adventure carefully!

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