Places To Go With Kids Part – I


Have you looked back at family pictures, asking yourself “which birthday was that”? When you book a birthday party at Make Believe Family Fun Center you are creating a celebration your family will never forget.

There’s a gift for mom and dad too, relaxation!  A party at Make Believe allows you to surrender from all the stresses of party planning by leaving it to the pros.  We take care of all the setup, provide the fun with our attractions, serve the food and cupcake tree, and in the end take care of all the cleanup.

Throughout the party our dedicated party host will accompany your kids to each attraction, giving them tips to make sure they play harder and laugh longer.  All the while making sure your birthday child is the star of the show!  Our absolute goal is the success of your party, if everyone had a great time then we’ve done our job.


All work and no play makes for a boring office.  It also leads to decreased communication, undermines the company culture and limits overall productivity. Simply put, the more people like their bosses and coworkers the harder they work! Team building days are more than just the latest corporate trend, they are an integral part of any business strategy for long term success.

Our corporate events are tailored toward building camaraderie, learning to trust each other and teaching your team new skills.  Come on, who doesn’t want to climb a Ninja Wall?  Your group will have a dedicated Event Host to guarantee everything runs smoothly, and to help entice those “too cool” to join in the fun.

What can you expect from a team building event at Make Believe Family Fun Center?

  • Customize how your team plays through a variety of attraction packages and meal plans
  • Enjoy an afternoon away from the office and have fun with coworkers in a relaxed setting
  • Incorporate team building lessons into each activity
  • An Event Host will guide your team to each attraction and ensure everyone’s needs are met and that everyone is having a good time
  • Retreat to a private party room for food and beverages and reconnecting as a team


Make sure your next company outing is as much fun as it is productive, book it at Make Believe Family Fun Center.  After all, you can’t spell success without us!


Want to party all night?  You might not but your kids sure do!  They already love skipping bedtime, but skipping bedtime to ride bumper cars, shoot laser tag, climb rock walls and play arcade games is pure kid nirvana.  Make Believe Family Fun Center is here to help organizations like schools, churches, sports teams, neighborhood groups and community outreach programs truly connect with their kids.  A Lock-In event at Make Believe is something they’ll always remember and can’t wait to do again.

Overnight Parties at Make Believe

At Make Believe we’re geared towards hours of nonstop play, but no one says they have to be daylight hours!  From our many attractions, attentive staff and our spacious party rooms your group is sure to have the time of their lives during an overnight adventure.

For more details on our products and services, please feel free to visit us at Fun things to do with kids, birthday parties places for kids & birthday party places


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