Birthday Parties For Kids Part – II


We’ve all been there, a family get together at a local restaurant or party center.  It doesn’t take long and the kids are bored, pestering their parents and before you know it no one is having a good time.  So consider something different for your next event, book your celebration at Make Believe Family Fun Center.  We have several party rooms of varying sizes accommodating up to 250 people, many delicious food selections from which to choose, a beverage menu that includes beer and wine and most uniquely an array of attractions for both kids and adults.

What a Celebration at Make Believe is like

  • Planning your celebration will be our top priority from beginning to end
  • You can choose the attractions for your guests and customize both your meal and beverage plans
  • You decide if you would like the food served at the beginning of the celebration, the middle or towards the end
  • On the day of your celebration you and your guests will check in at our Party Event Window (no waiting in the normal line)
  • Our party host will then take your guests to a staging area until it’s time to begin and will remain with you for the duration of your celebration
  • The party room is for your exclusive use the entire time of your celebration
  • Depending on how you would like your party structured, your host will either explain the attractions or accompany your guests as their personal guide
  • Once all the fun is said and done, we’ll help everyone gather their belongings and escort everyone to the lobby

So the next time you need to organize a family reunion, a special anniversary party or any kind  of social get together, contact our pros at Make Believe Family Fun Center.


Have you looked back at family pictures, asking yourself “which birthday was that”? When you book a birthday party at Make Believe Family Fun Center you are creating a celebration your family will never forget.

There’s a gift for mom and dad too, relaxation!  A party at Make Believe allows you to surrender from all the stresses of party planning by leaving it to the pros.  We take care of all the setup, provide the fun with our attractions, serve the food and cupcake tree, and in the end take care of all the cleanup.

Throughout the party our dedicated party host will accompany your kids to each attraction, giving them tips to make sure they play harder and laugh longer.  All the while making sure your birthday child is the star of the show!  Our absolute goal is the success of your party, if everyone had a great time then we’ve done our job.

For more details on our products and services, please feel free to visit us at birthday party decorations, kids birthday party places & birthday parties for kids


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