Birthday Parties For Kids Part – III

About us Make Believe

Do you watch your kids play and wish you could join in?  At Make Believe Family Fun Center we have created the ultimate fun experience for moms, dads and kids in the greater Cleveland area. How did we achieve it? By going bigger, better and more hands-on than any other family fun center in the business!

There’s fun for everyone at Make Believe. Whether your family likes climbing, playing, or healthy competition you’ll find what you’re looking for here. Each attraction is a portal into another world allowing your family to explore enchanted forests, scale the inside of a volcano and climb high above the decks of a pirate ship. Our team members are trained to help every guest stay safe and have a blast.  The kids will be “family bonding” without even realizing it. We work hard to keep our facilities clean, safe and convenient for both kids and parents. Store your stuff in a complimentary electronic storage locker, relax in our lounge between activities and then boost your energy with a healthy, cafe-style meal prepared by our dedicated kitchen staff. Spend family time playing, having a birthday party or hosting a special event and don’t forget to snap an amazing picture at the 3D photo wall.

At Make Believe we celebrate the love, diversity and adventurous spirit of the Parma community every day. Step into a world of joy, discovery and pure play at Make Believe Family Fun Center in Parma, OH today!


Want to party all night?  You might not but your kids sure do!  They already love skipping bedtime, but skipping bedtime to ride bumper cars, shoot laser tag, climb rock walls and play arcade games is pure kid nirvana.  Make Believe Family Fun Center is here to help organizations like schools, churches, sports teams, neighborhood groups and community outreach programs truly connect with their kids.  A Lock-In event at Make Believe is something they’ll always remember and can’t wait to do again.

Overnight Parties at Make Believe

At Make Believe we’re geared towards hours of nonstop play, but no one says they have to be daylight hours!  From our many attractions, attentive staff and our spacious party rooms your group is sure to have the time of their lives during an overnight adventure.

Here’s how a Make Believe Lock-In works:

  • Select a night to rent out the facility
  • Choose a package to determine which attractions we keep open
  • Make your food and beverage selections for the evening
  • Let us know about any special requests. We’re more than happy to customize things to fit your needs
  • On the night of your Lock-In have everyone show up at the assigned time with their sleeping bags (PJ’s optional) and a sense of adventure
  • Listen attentively to the rules of the facility
  • Your group will have exclusive access to the facility until morning
  • Ready, set, play! zzzzzz    Play some more!
  • Minimum 100 guests


In addition to the adults in your group, we will have plenty of Make Believe team members to provide adequate supervision and ensure everyone’s safety.  Our staff will also make sure everything stays clean, runs smoothly and that everyone is having fun, making your Lock-In event a dream come true.


For more details on our products and services, please feel free to visit us at Fun things to do with kids, birthday parties places for kids & birthday party places


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